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Woodini Bar Stool

Edition: One of a Kind


Year of design: 2012

The concept of the project is to achieve a complex and constructive 3 dimensional form by cutting and assembling simple 2 dimensional cuts of plywood.

The 2 dimensional cuts create a curved square profile which enables a dimension change in the joining point. This creates a continuance form and construction while maintaining the aesthetics of the joining point.

The seat is made of Perspex sheet which is screwed on top of the construction and bends to shape when assembled.

Woodini was designed, manufactured and produced by Bakery Design Studio in Tel Aviv, Israel.

Material: Birch Plywood and Perspex
Size: 70H X 32D X 32W
Product type: One of a kind prototype
Special care instructions: This item is a prototype and is very delicate. The item is not intended for regular use and is not strong enough to sit on regularly.


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